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I’ve known and worked with Jean-Marc for over 20 years. For me, he is one of the very few people who understands organisations, people, how they work well and why they don’t work well. He is excellent in helping people at executive, middle management and below understand change and their role in it and, crucially, how to get things done. He has always had a very agile and pragmatic approach to solving problems.

Andrew Abboud. Vice President, IT, EMEA. Merkle

Jean-Marc makes things happen, and, more important, ensures that they achieve the end goal you are looking for. He is a brilliant strategist. Once you have defined the end in mind (and Jean-Marc is ruthless in making you define it clearly), he will work with you on how best to devise the systems to get you there, from internal communication to logistics. Most of all, Jean-Marc will stand by you and be that calming hand on the tiller that is so needed.

Fiona Halton. Multi-award-winning CEO. Global Employee Engagement | Mass Participation Campaigns

I have worked with Jean-Marc in a number of different capacities over the last decade, from supporting me with challenging organisational change, through to helping me setup a complex, multi-organisational public sector innovation capability. A few of my personal reflections of working with Jean-Marc:
1. He has an incredible brain, he has a fantastic way of simplifying and explaining complex issues, but more importantly, providing practical advice and tools to help.
2. He understands people. I have seen him diagnose and adapt his style and approach depending on the audience he is dealing with and the brief he has been given. His general manner means he lands really well when dealing with challenging circumstances, which was helpful for me during an organisational change involving senior leaders.
3. He is not a consultant. Jean-Marc has challenged my thinking (sometimes without me even realising it) and doesn’t just tell me what I want to hear, or what I already know. He listens and offers insight based on his experience, responds well when I disagree and always checks to make sure he’s adding value. So far I can’t remember a time when I’ve had to tell him he hasn’t.
4. He develops people. Jean-Marc goes out of his way to listen, prompt and coach people. Reflecting on my own experience with him, on numerous occasions Jean-Marc has invested time and effort in helping with my personal and professional development, well above and beyond the commission he had agreed. This is a reflection of his personality and approach and is something I value highly.
I continue to work with Jean-Marc and highly recommend him to colleagues and friends.

Omid Shiraji
Director – Ordatus Ltd
Consultant Chief Information Officer – London Borough of Camden

How can I help?

Do you have questions such as:

  • How can I lead, sponsor and champion change most effectively?
  • How can we engage our people? Benefit from their creativity and know-how? Pull in the same direction?
  • How can we become more collaborative and agile across our functional, organisation and geographic boundaries?
  • How can we execute our strategy and realise the benefits?

If these chime with you, I’d like to introduce myself.

I’m Jean-Marc Le Tissier and I offer 3 decades experience helping busy leaders and teams address these kind of questions, in organisations such as BP, C&A, Lloyds, PwC, RBS, Vodafone, Central & Local Government and Agencies, charities such as Unicef, and local services such as Surestart. See my client list

Should we be talking? My services:

My passion is enabling human creativity, communication and collaboration. I’ve helped leaders engage from a dozen to tens of thousands of people in making ideas happen – from single teams and local projects, to campaigns spanning 4 continents.

Outcome-focused, I’ll give you personalised support that makes a real, immediate difference. This could take the shape of:

1.  Leadership and Executive Team Consulting, Mentoring and Coaching

2.  Workshops, off-sites, team away days and conferences, for small teams or groups up to 300 people. Learn more

3.  Training and development programs including Leadership, Change and Communication skills and strategies

4.  Making It Happen. Hands-on support for large-scale project/change communications.  I like seeing things through, working in a team to make big ideas happen.

Get in touch 

I’d love to hear from you! I’m always up for a call, or a chat over coffee if you’re in London.

I’ll be your sounding board, we’ll explore what you need, and you’ll get a feel for how I work and if we’re a good fit.

You’ll get insights of value you can takeaway, and see how you might best move forward. 

 Send me an email . Tell me how I might help you.

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Jean-Marc has been working with the Camden Communications team over the last year as we have embarked on an ambitious team-led development programme. I would highly recommend Jean-Marc, he is a brilliant facilitator who has challenged us and helped us to think differently.

Kathryn Myers. Director of Communications at London Borough of Camden.

Vast experience of business and people issues .. I would recommend him to any business wanting to develop its people, how they work together, encourage creativity and imagination at work and make change happen.

Richard L Smith. CEO, TouchStar Technologies Limited

He helped develop a project management culture, focusing and prioritising the numerous projects being undertaken, and facilitated the establishment of a specific project plan for a major new project line with the goal of optimising the organisational structure to meet the aggressive targets for customer service and cost reduction. I highly recommend him for cultures that are undergoing change. 

J. Saint-Pe. Manufacturing Director. Parker Pen Company.

For most business issues articulating the problem is the hardest activity. It is relatively easy to find help to address a problem if it is well articulated. Jean-Marc can help you to articulate the problem. I’ve seen him do it, with me and with others on so many occasions. 

Nick O’Doherty. Knowledge Leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) 

(Jean-Marc is a) Very experienced consultant, facilitator and thinker who helps people get to the core of a problem and only spend time and effort on the things that matter.  Someone who will challenge you hard but in a nice way. (I call him in) Situations where I know people have a fuzzy idea of the problem andor solution and need someone to help them make sense of the mess and work through a process that delivers practical and creative results./ 

Head of Learning & Development, Global Insurance Group (Name withheld)

Jean-Marc is a thinker.  He has worked with many large organisations in the UK and abroad and has great insights into how to run projects, large and small. He is also a great coach and has helped personally overcome a difficult challenge at work and showed me how to adjust me behaviours in order to successfully push my agenda forward. 

Head of Operations, Corporate Banking (Name withheld)

Jean-Marc helped me enormously with creative and practical advice to help me structure my concerns, improve my communication skills and solve problems. I would certainly recommend him. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative. 

Phil Harding, FD. City University

He is endlessly resourceful: change projects are full of pitfalls and cul-de-sacs which can be very wearying and debilitating but Jean-Marc has the ,ability to roll with the punches and to encourage those he is working with to do the same. He is then able to approach the problems again with new energy accompanied by another great strength, a very imaginative approach to problem solving. 

Andrew Welch. General Director, Dance Umbrella. Former Director, Chichester Festival Theatre.

I went to Jean-Marc to get some clarity with a new business I am developing. I found his vast experience meant he was able not only to grasp issues quickly but also efficiently enable me to find a clear path forward. I would have no hesitation in recommending him. 

Ben Freedman. Managing Director at Bubble Chamber

I have worked with Jean-Marc in a number of guises over many years. He consistently demonstrates creativity with a strong practical bent. I especially enjoy his ability to get past the nonsense that can often cloud the real issue and address the business needs of clients. 

Chris Corbin. Co-founder at Mindplay

Jean-Marc provides good coaching and great advice. He is very good at coaching around project management initiatives and helping you simplify the process. He is a good listener and comes up with creative solutions to solving problems. 

Susannah Quinsee. Director of Learning Development, Professor of Learning and Teaching Development. City, University of London

I enjoy the searching questions which you ask, the unexpected perspectives you bring to our conversations, the way in which you stimulate me to think, and how you provide me with new and sparkling ideas and references.

Ray Charlton, Associate Fellow at Said Business School, Oxford University